How a Daily Practice Can Change Your Behaviors

How a Daily Practice Can Change Your Behaviors

As a practitioner of Visual Thinking, I’ve always marveled at the understated power of a simple drawing. While I don’t claim to be a guru of habits and routines—there are experts like James Clear for that—I do know a thing or two about the symbiotic relationship between visual tools and cognitive enhancement.

Drawing isn't just an art; it's a language—a universal means of communication that transcends the barriers of the spoken word. Icons like Zaha Hadid and Charles Darwin didn’t just draw to create; they drew to think, to connect dots, to see the unseen. And this is where I draw my inspiration from.

The common hurdles I often hear about are “How do I start?” and “How can I keep the momentum going?” It's the classic creative conundrum. To address this, I’ve curated a series of books designed to ignite the habit of drawing, not just to improve your skills but to enrich your visual vocabulary, that mental library of images and concepts we all carry within us.

The cornerstone of this series is “100 Daily Drawings”, crafted to be your daily companion on this journey. It's not just about having a book; it's about having daily prompts that guides you through the serene world of lines and shapes. With options available in PDF & ePub and print, the book is as accessible as your nearest pen and paper.

Keeping the book within arm's reach, dedicate 2-5 minutes of your day to create. These brief moments of commitment are far more than just practice; they're a gateway to mindfulness, a reprieve from the chaos of the day. As your pen moves across the paper, it’s not just about the image that emerges but the tranquility that accompanies it.

It's a journey, no doubt. Each stroke you make is a step forward. I often tell my readers and followers, “No master has fallen from the sky,” and it’s true. Mastery is a process, a gradual climb to confidence and skill. With each day and each drawing, you'll find a piece of peace and a spark of inspiration.

So, I invite you to embark on this path with me. Grab the book in your preferred format, and let’s start a conversation without words, with the silent but eloquent language of drawing. As we progress, I'll be sharing more insights, personal stories, and perhaps even feature some of your journeys in future posts. Because, in the end, we are all part of a larger tapestry, woven together by the lines we dare to draw.

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