Holger's Courses and Trainings

My Approach

Unlock the Power of Visual Thinking with Engaging and Informative Courses.

I am fully committed to visual thinking. Therefor my courses and trainings are always supported by great visuals that help to teach complex topics in a simple way.

With engaging exercises, hands-on example und the possibilities to exchange experience, it never get's boring and time flies by.

I got top ratings from my clients and my trainings were regularly voted the best trainings in the company.

  • Andreas Frei, Innovation Manager

    "Holger’s fresh and energetic approach to visuals was very inspiring to me. The training set the basis for using visuals throughout my professional and private life and I get incredibly positive feedback on my approach"

  • Hasse Cox, Visual Storyteller

    "I loved the workshops of Holger. His strength is to really understand the (inner) process of visual practices. During the basic workshop I learned a few tricks that helped to make my drawings more professional. During the advanced workshops I learned to understand the process I subconsciously follow. Furthermore, Holger is a very the best teacher I’ve had so far.”

  • Paris Thomas, Business Model Architect

    “It’s rare to meet someone who can really improve the way you communicate in just two days. Holger is that someone.”