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Playing Lean

Playing Lean is the board game where players face the hard choices of innovation without getting out of the building. 

It’s our "flight simulator" for Lean Startup and innovation, the safe place where thousands of entrepreneurs have learned to fly without risking their life savings or the future of their workplace. The worst case scenario is a humiliating defeat at the hands of your colleagues (quite scary, actually).

With our Playing Lean 2 board game you can teach your clients and students lessons on Lean Startup, create interest in Business Model Canvas, go deep on the Value Proposition Canvas or run lean with the Lean Canvas.

To create Playing Lean 2, we have partnered up with Alexander Osterwalder, inventor of the Business Model Canvas and one of the great minds of Lean Startup. 

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  • Jorge Castellote, Transformation&Innovation Leader, Entrepreneur

    "Playing Lean is a well thought out tool to introduce Lean Startup concepts into new environments, allowing players to realize in a fun way how to 'think Lean'."

  • Katia van Belle, Change and Project Management Facilitator

    "The game is a great way to introduce the Lean Startup philosophy to project managers and intrapreneurs. It is fun to play, but also gives plenty of opportunities for discussion about the different concepts of Lean Startup.”

  • Caspar Lund, Growth Advisor

    "Playing Lean is an excellent game to create an understanding of the essence of Lean Startup, provide a basis for good discussions and make theory into practice."