Holger Nils Pohl

Holger is a multi-passionate creative, visual strategist, author of Non-Fiction, Kids' and Fantasy books, trainer, and autistic who works internationally — in short: a creative powerhouse.

He believes in the transformational power of visual tools and creates clarity for his clients, workshop delegates, readers, and viewers. He does this by reducing complexity to simple, actionable steps.

Holger has written and co-written seven books — one of them on the phone with his thumbs while carrying his third born in a belly carrier. He has also co-created an award winning business board game, visual facilitation app, a business comic for kids, and he’s currently working on some fiction projects. In other words, he can’t stop creating.

For years, he was a teacher at an arts school and a lecturer at two universities in Germany – the University of Arts Berlin and the Hochschule Macromedia, University of Applied Sciences Cologne. Now he shares his knowledge in Keynotes, courses, workshops, and private sessions.

He’s also a trained carpenter and enjoys fixing or creating furniture.
Holger, his wife, and their three wonderful kids are living just outside Cologne, Germany. He feeds the rabbits or pets the family’s horse when he’s not walking the dog or acting as cat furniture for their two Russian Blues. And in the meantime, he sneaks out into the garden to play basketball.

  • Dr. Alexander Osterwalder

    Bestselling Author, Strategyzer

    "We spend an insane amount of time on making our messages clear, simple, and visual. To achieve this we draw on Holger’s outstanding visual facilitation skills again and again."

  • Christian Rangen

    Strategy Innovation Consultant

    "Holger is one of the world’s leading visual strategy facilitators and visual recorders. With the magic of his pens & iPad, he can make the most complex information easily understandable. His expertise is working with companies and management teams, helping them visualize, understand and communicate their strategy, innovation and change efforts."

  • Business and Self Help

    I write about Clarity, Visual Thinking, Drawing, Change, Innovation, Problem-Solving and more. I'm deeply invested in the way we work together and how we can get better at it to solve the complex challenges of our world.

  • Autism

    I am an Aspie (someone with Asperger's Syndrome on the autism spectrum). With my creative work, I want to bring knowledge and experiences for and with Autists into the world. My first step is the kids' book, which is currently a work-in-progress.

  • Fantasy

    I write fantasy books with dragons, strange creatures, magic, new worlds, mysteries, and characters who still need to find their place in life. Those books are early stage work-in-progress (and yes, I love to write longhand).