Navigating Your Creative Business: The Lighthouse Strategy for Authors and Entrepreneurs

Navigating Your Creative Business: The Lighthouse Strategy for Authors and Entrepreneurs

This blog post is a metaphor in itself. I hope you enjoy it! :)


In the unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship, a lighthouse brings clear direction. When you pair this with a visual template, it becomes an essential tool for charting your path. If you're curious about how this works, let's dive in!

Visibility isn't enough in today's digital age. Influenced by Joanna Penn's insights in her latest episode on her podcast TheCreativePenn and the lighthouse concept she explained, I've devised a strategy map to light your way. It serves as your compass, ensuring you're not just seen, but your audience is drawn to your unique space.


Embrace the philosophy of presence over pursuit. Instead of scattering efforts everywhere (on all the social media platforms and channels available), be the lighthouse that confidently draws in your customers by excelling at what you love most. Reject the noise of fleeting trends; focus on what genuinely showcases your talents.


Utilizing the Visual Template:

1. Identify Your Signals: List all the methods you currently use to be noticed by your audience. This could include social media posts, podcast appearances, or online ads. The key is to determine which platforms serve as mere signals and which truly act as a beacon (and therefor would be your lighthouse, instead of just a signal).


2. Define Your Lighthouse: Choose the core medium that defines your brand and attracts your audience consistently. This should be a platform you at least partly control and can consistently deliver value through, such as a newsletter, your own podcast or a video series.


3. Establish Your Harbor: Your harbor is your final destination for your audience, where you engage with them deeply and directly. This could be your online store, a membership site, or a service booking platform.

Check out my explanation video on YouTube if you want to see how I used it for my own author business.


By utilizing this template, you crystalize your marketing efforts, ensuring that each component is intentional and aligned with your ultimate goal of guiding your audience to your harbor. It helps to allocate your time and resources effectively, focusing on activities that genuinely contribute to your business growth.


This method is more than strategic; it's about bringing into focus what matters. In an age where AI-generated content is everywhere, your personal touch—through your chosen lighthouse—makes real connections. It's your stamp of humanity that invites genuine interactions, no matter how much the industry shifts. Design it with this in mind: being more human.

Wrapping Up:

The Lighthouse Strategy Map is more than just a metaphor; it’s a practical representation of your journey to success. It helps you stand out by focusing on personal connections in an increasingly automated world. And it's fun to fill out!

Download the Lighthouse Strategy Map right here with no strings attached.


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