All the Visual Tools from the Book Creating Clarity

Transform Your Work with the Power of Visual Tools

As promised in the book, you can find all the tools I have in digital format on this page. I have provided you a Dropbox Link to make it as convenient as possible. Find everything below! :)

Tools without Tools

Some of the tools in the book have no specific template to download. In case you search for them, you won't find them here. ;) But hey, just grab a paper and a pen and make them up for yourself. They are as easy as it gets.

These are the tools we have nothing to download for:
Affinity Mapping, Spacious Writing, Book Cover, Dotmocracy, Deconstruction Map, Storyboard, Visual Poster, Transparent Sticky Notes, Eraser Technique, Pencil Preparation, Gallery Walk, 2x2 Matrix

All the Tools from the Book

I've put together a dropbox folder with all the tools from the Creating Clarity book for you. Get them here now! 

Please be aware to use them according to their specific licenses you find on the tools and don't infringe their copyright. This counts especially for the rights to change them or make adaptions. They are all free to use as they are for you.


Special thanks to my great colleagues around the world who provided me the rights to post the tools here!
Please check out their websites:

Ayse Birsel,

David J. Bland,

Christian Doll,

Marshall Goldsmith,

The Grove Consultants,

Luke Hohmann,

Stefano Mastrogiacomo,

Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur,

Christian Rangen,

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