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Holger Nils Pohl

Biz4Kids - A Business Model Comic for Kids Paperback

Biz4Kids - A Business Model Comic for Kids Paperback

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This is the print-on-demand version of the book. Printed carbon-neutral and shipped from the UK. The production and shipment to you will take up to two weeks.


The Biz4Kids Comic Book tells a funny and exciting story that also conveys the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship.

When 15-years-old London girl Anna travels to Australia on vacation little does she know that her easy-going uncle jay is in trouble. A vicious duo of troublemakers led by a mysterious sinister figure seems to threaten jay’s beloved surf shop. Will Anna be able to solve the shop’s problems and save jay’s business? Visiting different countries anna learns more about the world of businesses and also may get a little bit closer to her dream of running an interesting and fun social media channel. But this is just where Anna and her friend’s adventures begin…

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