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Creating Clarity - Signed Special Edition

Creating Clarity - Signed Special Edition

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This Signed Special Edition is available exclusively here. I'm happy to sign it with a personal dedication to you. :)

It's a high-quality print, softcover, printed CO2-neutral, glued, and stitched bond. I will sign your copy for you. If you don't write me anything else, I'll use your first name.


Creating Clarity: Transform Your Work with the Power of Visual Tools

Do you want more people to buy into your ideas? Are you frustrated with too many unproductive meetings?

Are you struggling to find your way in life? Do you need a new approach to solve the complex challenges of today?

If so, visual tools are your answer! In this book, Holger Nils Pohl will help you harness numerous visual tools to create value for your business, your customers, and even your private life. And it all starts with a simple but powerful three-stage process: Understand, Create, and Share.

However, Creating Clarity is more than just a toolkit, it also provides you with a new way of thinking that will help you successfully navigate the complex challenges of the 21st century by allowing you to communicate well with others and transform the chaos into clarity.


Creating Clarity was first published on Kickstarter in June 2022

It got tagged as "Project We Love" by the Kickstarter staff.
It funded within 24 hours.
And it raised 200% of its funding goal.

Here are some sample pages for you to read and figure out, if you would like the book.

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Customer Reviews

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Chris Woolderink
Brilliance meets eye candy 👁 🍬

This book is absolutely brilliant. I got completely hooked and read it on one day as it is visually pure eye candy and content-wise razor blade sharp. I am very grateful that Nils decided to create this book and that he shared his Clarity Framework and unique way of working to the rest of the world!