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Holger Nils Pohl

Kaya and the Apple Tree Hardcover

Kaya and the Apple Tree Hardcover

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This is the print-on-demand version of the book. Printed carbon-neutral and shipped from the UK. The production and shipment to you will take up to two weeks.


A children's book about friendship and courage.

Kaya and her unicornlet live in a city above the clouds. Yes, you heard right, a unicornlet. It's much like a squirrel, only it boasts a magical horn. The two are inseparable, best friends who partake in many adventures together. But one day, when they spot an enticing apple tree seemingly out of reach, Kaya's courage is truly put to the test. Will she rely on her best friend?

This book aims to instill courage in you - the courage to dare, to trust in your closest friends, and the courage to let your wildest fantasies become reality.

I believe in the existence of this enchanting kingdom above the clouds. And a unicornlet? Why not!

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